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Understand what your blood pressure readings really mean and learn how to manage your heart health with Amicomed’s fun and effective lifestyle program*

How does Amicomed work?

Amicomed, the first scientifically designed digital hypertension program in the world**, was created by medical experts to help people design their own personalized lifestyle program to better control their blood pressure and heart health.

When used as intended, Amicomed’s software helps people understand their true blood pressure trends. This understanding, and following Amicomed’s personalized lifestyle program, drives behavior change with measurable results in three short months!

Since 2017, Amicomed, has already helped thousands of people understand their blood pressure readings, adopt positive lifestyle changes, and share their hypertension’s progress securely and privately with their doctors via Amicomed’s physician access web portal.


The Lifestyle Program

Amicomed’s NEW AND IMPROVED lifestyle program is only available through participating physicians and providers. But for a limited time you and your doctor can try Amicomed for free!



We are committed to help the world fight hypertension, the second most serious global health condition according to the World Health Organization.

The experts behind the program

The Amicomed program was developed over the course of two years by a team of cardiologists, heart surgeons, nutritionists, behavioral scientists, movement experts, and software engineers. Our team’s extensive research has resulted in the development of Amicomed’s algorithm, a unique and powerful feature that can generate thousands of highly personalized lifestyle programs designed around an individual’s metabolism, health history, and hypertension control goals.

The Amicomed difference

Amicomed’s onboarding questionnaire will help determine your “Clinical Lifestyle Score” and will identify the most suitable lifestyle program tailored to your personal needs with recommendations based on your choices.

3 Short Months is All It Takes!

The lifestyle program is designed to deliver results in as little as 90 days, with weekly lifestyle goals and tips. You will receive a personalized diet and exercise plan, along with information on how often to measure your blood pressure and how learn more about your blood pressure readings.

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If you are interested in trying Amicomed for personal use, or are a doctor or institution that would like to find out more how Amicomed can help your patients and members better manage their blood pressure, send us a note! A free, time-limited trial of Amicomed is also available if you qualify (some conditions apply).

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